Ph.D student in Mathematics at University of Utah

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(Last Update : 08/15/2019)

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kwak [at] math [dot] utah [dot] edu

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155 S 1400 E, JWB 233SALT LAKE CITY, UT 84112


LCB Loft | (801) 581-7653

Geometric Group Theory, Geometric Topology, and Teichmüller theory


Aug 2019 –

B.S. in Mathematical Sciences

Graduated summa cum laude

Advisor: Prof. Hyungryul Harry Baik

Military service during Jan 2015 ~ Jan 2017.

Treasurer in 3rd Air Defense Missile Brigade

Mar 2013 – Feb 2019


Government Scholarship for Overseas award ceremony

Government Scholarship for Overseas Study

National Institute for International Education, Republic of Korea

2019 - 2021

National Scholarship for Science and Engineering

Korea Student Aid Foundation, Republic of Korea

  • Awarded for academic excellence.
  • Merit scholarships of full tuition and fees.

2013 - 2018

Best Tutor Award


  • Awarded for teaching excellence as tutor(MAS312 Modern Algebra II).

Fall 2018

Dean's List

Department of Natural Sciences, KAIST

  • Awarded for academic excellence.

Fall 2018, Spring 2014

Bronze Prize @ Korea Mathematical Olympiad for University Student

Korean Mathematical Society


Best Gifted Student Award

Institute for Gifted Education of Seoul Science Park, Korea

  • Awarded annualy for the student who achieved the highest point grade.
  • Received 2 years in a row.

2010, 2011

1st Prize @ 7th Creative Research Competition

Seoul Science Park, Korea

  • Title: On Determining Condition of Sections of Cube


Honorable Mention @ Korea Mathematical Olympiad

Korean Mathematical Society



On Translation Lengths of Anosov Maps on Curve Graph of Torus [arXiv:1908.00472] (submitted)

Joint with Hyungryul Baik, Changsub Kim, Hyunshik Shin.

Supported by KAIST Undergraduate Research Program

Advisor : Dr. Hyungryul Baik

  • Proved the existence of a geodesic axis on Farey graph of an Anosov map.
  • Devised concrete algorithm to calculate translation lengths of Anosov maps. [python code]


Teaching Assistant

Math 1310 Engineering Calculus, University of Utah

Fall 2019

Volunteer Tutor

Modern Algebra II, KAIST

  • Received Best Tutor Award

Fall 2018

Teaching Assistant and Grader

Logic and Set Theory, KAIST

  • Run in flipped learning course, this course covered formal logic, and set theoretical notions: Peano axioms, Axiom of Choice, Zorn’s lemma, Cardinals and Ordinals, Gödel’s theorems etc.
  • Guided students with appropriate hints, and facilitated their participation in class.
  • Wrote weekly quizzes, and graded and uploaded scores.
  • Organized and supervised students for group presentation on selected topics.

Fall 2017, Fall 2018

Oct 11, 2018 Class of <Logic and Set Theory>

Oct 11, 2018 Class of <Logic and Set Theory>

Teaching Assistant

Calculus I/II, KAIST

  • Explained students the solutions on quizzes and evaluated them with similar problems.
  • Nominated as English T.A., responsible for international students.

Spring 2017 – Spring 2018

Volunteer Tutor

Calculus I/II, KAIST


Helpdesk for Calculus I (Spring, 2014)

Helpdesk for Calculus 2 (Fall, 2014)


Global Institute for Talented Education, KAIST

  • Devised Supplement Material for Gifted Highschool Students in Korea.
  • Received monthly incentives for excellence in teaching

Spring 2014


Recorder and Video Editor

VOD Team in ICM 2014 Volunteers[intro video, channel]

  • Recorded all lectures given in ICM 2014, edited with Adobe Premier Pro and uploaded to Youtube within 2days for each lecture.

Aug 13~21, 2014

Preparing for recording plenary lecture

Video editing recorded videos with Adobe Premiere Pro

VOD team @ ICM 2014(The person with laptop is Me!)

Academic Director

Msquare ; Math problem solving club in KAIST

  • Arranged weekly mathematical seminar.
  • Organized study groups for course work and Korea Mathematical Olympiad for University Students


During Military Service

Jan 19, 2015 – Jan 18, 2017


Finance Dept. of the 3rd Air Defense Missile Brigade of Republic of Korea Air Force

  • Bookkept financial documents of all transactions in the brigade for preparation of an audit.
  • Enhanced the efficiency of the department by creating Excel VBA programs that automated most of the tasks that were done manually.

Mar 2015 – Jan 2017

M++ Logo(designed by Jeehyuk Won)

Founder and Leader

M++ ; Academic Club on Computer Programming in 3rd ADMB of ROKAF

  • Arranged weekly computer science seminar.
  • Managed team-based development projects and organized programming studies in club.
  • Held an AI-Omok contest within club to celebrate AlphaGo.

Mar 2015 – Jan 2017

On January 18th 2017, I finish my duty of military service. (My colleagues tossed me for celebration)


  1. (07/02/2019) On Translation Length of Anosov Map on Curve Graph of Torus, Lightning talk at Young Geometric Group Theorists VIII, Bilbao, Spain
  2. (12/03/2018) Symplectic Representation of Mapping Class Group, Algebraic Topology II, KAIST
  3. (09/19/2018) On Translation Length of Anosov Map on Curve Graph of Torus, URP Seminar, KAIST
  4. (08/17/2018) Birkhoff’s Recurrence Theorem, IBS-CGP Math Festival, POSTECH
  5. (05/29/2018) Mathematician’s Commission for Developing Countries, Topics in Soc. Sci.⟨Globalization and Migration⟩, KAIST
  6. (04/05/2018) Single Normal Generator of Mapping Class Group, Research Seminar, KAIST
  7. (02/12/2018) Two Constructions of Pseudo Anosov Mapping Class, Research Seminar, KAIST
  8. (11/03/2014) Musical Set Theory, 2018 Student Cultural Festival, KAIST
  9. (04/28/2014) Introduction to Category Theory, Problem Solving Club Seminar, KAIST
  10. (01/11/2014) Bounded Gaps between Primes, KAIST-UNIST Math Exchange Fair, UNIST



  • LaTeX(with Emacs-AucTeX), Python


  • Inkscape, Adobe Premiere Pro, C/C++, Java, HTML, CSS


  • Adobe After Effect, Maxon Cinema 4D



LP(Music composer club in KAIST)

Bass section

Youth Choir in Daeduk Hanbit Presbyterian Church

2014 – Present

2017 – Present