Ph.D student in Mathematics at University of Utah

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(Last Update : 11/16/2019)

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kwak [at] math [dot] utah [dot] edu

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155 S 1400 E, JWB 233SALT LAKE CITY, UT 84112


LCB Loft | (801) 581-7653

Geometric group theory, Geometric topology, and Teichmüller theory


Aug 2019 –

B.S. in Mathematical Sciences

Graduated summa cum laude

Advisor: Prof. Hyungryul Harry Baik

Military service during Jan 2015 ~ Jan 2017.

Treasurer in 3rd Air Defense Missile Brigade

Mar 2013 – Feb 2019


Government Scholarship for Overseas award ceremony

Government Scholarship for Overseas Study

National Institute for International Education, Republic of Korea

2019 - 2021

National Scholarship for Science and Engineering

Korea Student Aid Foundation, Republic of Korea

  • Awarded for academic excellence.
  • Merit scholarships of full tuition and fees.

2013 - 2018

Best Tutor Award


  • Awarded for teaching excellence as tutor(MAS312 Modern Algebra II).

Fall 2018

Dean's List

Department of Natural Sciences, KAIST

  • Awarded for academic excellence.

Fall 2018, Spring 2014

Bronze Prize @ Korea Mathematical Olympiad for University Student

Korean Mathematical Society


Best Gifted Student Award

Institute for Gifted Education of Seoul Science Park, Korea

  • Awarded annualy for the student who achieved the highest point grade.
  • Received 2 years in a row.

2010, 2011

1st Prize @ 7th Creative Research Competition

Seoul Science Park, Korea

  • Title: On Determining Condition of Sections of Cube


Honorable Mention @ Korea Mathematical Olympiad

Korean Mathematical Society



On Translation Lengths of Anosov Maps on Curve Graph of Torus [arXiv:1908.00472] (submitted)

Joint with Hyungryul Baik, Changsub Kim, Hyunshik Shin.

Supported by KAIST Undergraduate Research Program

Advisor : Dr. Hyungryul Baik

  • Proved the existence of a geodesic axis on Farey graph of an Anosov map.
  • Devised concrete algorithm to calculate translation lengths of Anosov maps. [python code]


Teaching Assistant

Math 1320 Engineering Calculus II, University of Utah

Spring 2020

Teaching Assistant

Math 1310 Engineering Calculus I, University of Utah

Fall 2019

Volunteer Tutor

MAS 312 Modern Algebra II, KAIST

  • Received Best Tutor Award

Fall 2018

Teaching Assistant and Grader

MAS 270 Logic and Set Theory, KAIST

  • Run in flipped learning course, this course covered formal logic, and set theoretical notions: Peano axioms, Axiom of Choice, Zorn’s lemma, Cardinals and Ordinals, Gödel’s theorems etc.
  • Guided students with appropriate hints, and facilitated their participation in class.
  • Wrote weekly quizzes, and graded and uploaded scores.
  • Organized and supervised students for group presentation on selected topics.

Fall 2017, Fall 2018

Oct 11, 2018 Class of <Logic and Set Theory>

Oct 11, 2018 Class of <Logic and Set Theory>

Teaching Assistant

MAS 101/102 Calculus I/II, KAIST

  • Explained students the solutions on quizzes and evaluated them with similar problems.
  • Nominated as English T.A., responsible for international students.

Spring 2017 – Spring 2018

Volunteer Tutor

MAS 101/102 Calculus I/II, KAIST


Helpdesk for Calculus I (Spring, 2014)

Helpdesk for Calculus 2 (Fall, 2014)


Global Institute for Talented Education, KAIST

  • Devised Supplement Material for Gifted Highschool Students in Korea.
  • Received monthly incentives for excellence in teaching

Spring 2014


Recorder and Video Editor

VOD Team in ICM 2014 Volunteers[intro video, channel]

  • Recorded all lectures given in ICM 2014, edited with Adobe Premier Pro and uploaded to Youtube within 2days for each lecture.

Aug 13~21, 2014

Preparing for recording plenary lecture

Video editing recorded videos with Adobe Premiere Pro

VOD team @ ICM 2014(The person with laptop is Me!)

Academic Director

MSquare ; Math problem solving club in KAIST

  • Arranged weekly mathematical seminar.
  • Organized study groups for course work and Korea Mathematical Olympiad for University Students


During Military Service

Jan 19, 2015 – Jan 18, 2017


Finance Dept. of the 3rd Air Defense Missile Brigade of Republic of Korea Air Force

  • Bookkept financial documents of all transactions in the brigade for preparation of an audit.
  • Enhanced the efficiency of the department by creating Excel VBA programs that automated most of the tasks that were done manually.

Mar 2015 – Jan 2017

M++ Logo(designed by Jeehyuk Won)

Founder and Leader

M++ ; Academic Club on Computer Programming in 3rd ADMB of ROKAF

  • Arranged weekly computer science seminar.
  • Managed team-based development projects and organized programming studies in club.
  • Held an AI-Omok contest within club to celebrate AlphaGo.

Mar 2015 – Jan 2017

On January 18th 2017, I finish my duty of military service. (My colleagues tossed me for celebration)


  1. (12/08/2019) On Translation Length of Anosov Map on Curve Graph of Torus, Lightning talk at Tech Topology Conference, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
  2. (07/02/2019) On Translation Length of Anosov Map on Curve Graph of Torus, Lightning talk at Young Geometric Group Theorists VIII, Bilbao, Spain
  3. (02/22/2019) On Translation Length of Anosov Map on Curve Graph of Torus, URP Workshop, KAIST, Korea
  4. (12/03/2018) Symplectic Representation of Mapping Class Group, Algebraic Topology II, KAIST, Korea
  5. (08/17/2018) Birkhoff’s Recurrence Theorem, IBS-CGP Math Festival, POSTECH, Korea
  6. (05/29/2018) Mathematician’s Commission for Developing Countries, Topics in Soc. Sci.⟨Globalization and Migration⟩, KAIST, Korea
  7. (04/05/2018) Single Normal Generator of Mapping Class Group, Research Seminar, KAIST, Korea
  8. (02/12/2018) Two Constructions of Pseudo-Anosov Mapping Class, Research Seminar, KAIST, Korea
  9. (04/28/2014) Introduction to Category Theory, Problem Solving Club Seminar, KAIST, Korea
  10. (01/11/2014) Bounded Gaps between Primes, KAIST-UNIST Math Exchange Fair, UNIST, Korea



  • LaTeX(with Emacs-AucTeX), Python


  • Inkscape, Adobe Premiere Pro, C/C++, Java, HTML, CSS


  • Adobe After Effect, Maxon Cinema 4D



LP(Music composer club in KAIST)

Bass section

Youth Choir in Daeduk Hanbit Presbyterian Church


2017 – 2019